2019-10-28 Matteo Cypriani[archivers] xzize: output file to same directory master
2019-10-28 Matteo Cypriani[archivers] xzize: improve doc
2019-10-28 Matteo Cypriani[archivers] xzize: reindent
2019-10-28 Matteo Cypriani[archivers] xzize: shellcheck
2019-10-22 Matteo Cypriani[ssh_tools] tabssh: handle tmux
2019-10-21 Matteo Cypriani[ssh_tools] tabssh: check dependencies
2019-10-21 Matteo Cypriani[ssh_tools] tabssh: modernize
2019-10-21 Matteo Cypriani[ssh_tools] multiping: don't require fping
2019-10-21 Matteo Cypriani[ssh_tools] multissh: don't require pssh
2019-10-21 Matteo Cypriani[ssh_tools] multissh: modernize
2019-10-21 Matteo Cypriani[ssh_tools] multicopy: don't require multiping
2019-10-21 Matteo Cypriani[ssh_tools] multicopy: don't require pscp
2019-10-21 Matteo Cypriani[ssh_tools] multiping: check for dependencies
2019-10-21 Matteo Cypriani[ssh_tools] multicopy: formatting, typos, usage
2019-10-21 Matteo Cypriani[ssh_tools] multicopy: use getopts, fix nounset bugs
2019-10-21 Matteo Cypriani[ssh_tools] multicopy: improve message handling
2019-10-21 Matteo Cypriani[ssh_tools] multicopy: variables for exit codes
2019-10-21 Matteo Cypriani[ssh_tools] Update README, deprecate
2019-10-21 Matteo Cypriani[ssh_tools] Config is now in ~/.config/ssh_tools
2019-10-21 Matteo CyprianiRenamed cluster/ -> ssh_tools/
2018-05-31 Thomas Preud... Fix ssl_mgmt after openssl -text output change
2018-05-18 mcy[cluster] convert README to MarkDown
2018-05-04 Matteo CyprianiREADME: list scripts of interest
2018-05-04 Matteo CyprianiAdd dddoc/
2018-04-13 Matteo Cypriani[wifi] capture-sample: shellcheck & checkbashisms
2018-04-12 Matteo Cypriani[file_utils] fix python shebang & run prospector
2018-04-11 Matteo Cypriani[textproc] shellcheck
2018-04-11 Matteo Cypriani[graphics] shellcheck bypass
2018-04-11 Matteo Cypriani[git] shellcheck, minor changes
2018-04-11 Matteo Cypriani[debian] fix grep_dd_sigs & shellcheck
2018-04-11 Matteo Cypriani[cluster] minor improvements & shellcheck
2018-04-11 Matteo Cypriani[backup] shellcheck
2018-04-11 Matteo Cyprianimetaflac-field2field: minor improvements, shellcheck
2018-04-11 Matteo Cyprianimetaflac-field2field: reindent with 4 spaces
2018-04-11 Matteo Cyprianimp3car: use printf instead of echo
2018-04-11 Matteo Cyprianijust-play-something: reindent, shellcheck
2018-04-11 Matteo Cypriani[archivers] shellcheck
2018-04-11 Matteo Cyprianilz: reindent with 4 spaces
2018-04-11 Matteo Cyprianimvparent: rename variables, shellcheck
2018-04-11 Matteo Cyprianimvparent: reindent with 4 spaces
2018-04-11 Matteo CyprianiAdd file_utils/
2018-02-25 Matteo CyprianiAdd misc/
2017-10-06 Matteo Cyprianitiff-batch-convert: quality is now an argument
2017-09-23 Matteo CyprianiMore markdownification of READMEs
2017-09-23 Matteo CyprianiMerge latex and make_html2text into textproc
2017-09-23 Matteo Cypriani[graphics] Add
2017-09-23 Matteo CyprianiSplit multimedia into audio and graphics
2017-09-22 Matteo CyprianiRename compression_utils -> archivers
2017-09-22 Matteo CyprianiAdd TODOs
2017-09-22 Matteo CyprianiImprove READMEs
2016-11-01 Matteo CyprianiConvert README to Markdown (
2016-10-13 Matteo Cypriani[multimedia] README: note about lowercase FLAC fields
2016-10-13 Matteo Cypriani[multimedia] metaflac-field2field: clarifications
2016-01-22 Matteo Cypriani[multimedia] Add
2016-01-22 Matteo Cypriani[file_utils] mvparent: don't overwrite files
2014-11-04 Thomas Preud... [ssl_mgmt] Set ownership and rights of keycert
2014-11-04 Thomas Preud... [ssl_mgmt] Set CA:FALSE constraint for certs
2014-11-04 Thomas Preud... [ssl_mgmt] Install cert before taking its hash
2014-09-12 Thomas Preud... [ssl_mgmt] Ensure version 3 certificate are used
2014-09-12 Thomas Preud... [ssl_mgmt] Create workdir before running tests
2014-09-10 Matteo Cypriani[xzize] Use default (not max) compression level
2014-09-10 Matteo Cypriani[compression_utils] Document existence of atool
2014-06-03 Matteo Cypriani[file_utils] README: add note about CD-R capacity
2014-06-02 Matteo Cypriani[file_utils] dirpacker: --first-bin-number
2014-06-02 Matteo Cypriani[file_utils] dirpacker: fix verbose list printing
2014-06-02 Matteo Cypriani[file_utils] unln: typos
2014-06-02 Matteo Cypriani[file_utils] dirpacker: --machine-readable
2014-06-02 Matteo Cypriani[file_utils] dirpacker: rework message printing
2014-06-02 Matteo Cypriani[file_utils] dirpacker: --move, --prefix, -v/-q
2014-06-02 Matteo Cypriani[file_utils] mvparent: allow multiple arguments
2014-05-31 Matteo Cypriani[file_utils] dirpacker: refactoring (class Bin)
2014-05-31 Matteo Cypriani[file_utils] Add
2014-05-30 Matteo Cypriani[multimedia] Add
2014-05-30 Matteo CyprianiFix some typos; add TODO for just-play-something
2014-05-19 Thomas Preud... [ssl_mgmt] Sign email sent to notifiedUsers
2014-05-19 Thomas Preud... [ssl_mgmt] Use nobody to test email
2014-05-11 Thomas Preud... [ssl_mgmt] Add a TODO file
2014-05-11 Thomas Preud... [ssl_mgmt] group cmd to set ownership+rights
2014-05-11 Thomas Preud... [ssl_mgmt] Add tests for sanity checks
2014-05-11 Thomas Preud... [ssl_mgmt] Only set ownership & rights if gen ok
2014-05-11 Thomas Preud... [ssl_mgmt] Add automated testsuite
2014-05-11 Thomas Preud... [ssl_mgmt] Exit if missing file or rights
2014-05-11 Thomas Preud... [ssl_mgmt] Add some sanity checks
2014-05-07 Matteo Cypriani[cluster] Support XDG Base Directory Specification
2014-05-07 Matteo Cypriani[cluster] cluster-deploy: check cluster-ping dep.
2014-05-05 Thomas Preud... [ssl_mgmt] Send all warning echo to stderr
2014-05-05 Thomas Preud... [ssl_mgmt] Update documentation
2014-05-05 Thomas Preud... [ssl_mgmt] Change default to sane values
2014-05-04 Thomas Preud... [ssl_mgmt] Fix copying of user/group ownership
2014-05-03 Thomas Preud... [ssl_mgmt] Send email with new fingerprints
2014-05-03 Thomas Preud... Add simple test infrastructure
2014-05-03 Thomas Preud... [ssl_mgmt] Fail instead of sudo if rights not ok
2014-05-03 Thomas Preud... [ssl_mgmt] Add debian-admin openssl howto
2014-05-03 Thomas Preud... [ssl_mgmt] Stop hardcoding path
2014-04-29 Thomas Preud... [ssl_mgmt] Use SHA1 as default hash instead of MD5
2014-04-29 Thomas Preud... [ssl_mgmt] Comment out extensions with empty value
2014-03-09 Thomas Preud... [ssl_mgmt] Fix subject alternative name detection
2014-03-09 Thomas Preud... [ssl_mgmt] Add option to avoid overwrite
2014-03-09 Thomas Preud... [ssl_mgmt] Add comments to functions missing one
2014-03-09 Thomas Preud... [ssl_mgmt] Alert user if no overwrite occur