2018-04-13 Matteo Cypriani[scripts] AggCheck: fix for recent perl versions master
2016-11-23 Matteo CyprianiAdd explicit padding for all the structs
2016-11-05 Matteo CyprianiImprove README.md
2016-11-05 Matteo Cypriani[Positioner] explicit ReferencePoint(Point3D&)
2016-11-04 Matteo Cypriani[Positioner] More explicit constructors
2016-11-04 Matteo Cypriani[Positioner] Use explicit constructors
2016-11-04 Matteo CyprianiCOPYRIGHT: update dates again
2016-11-04 Matteo Cypriani[Listener] Fix byte order macros for OpenBSD >= 5.6
2016-11-04 Matteo Cypriani[doc] preproc.sh: fix for BSD sed
2016-11-04 Matteo CyprianiFix missing/wrong includes for BSD
2016-11-04 Matteo Cypriani[libowlps] Use labs() for int_fast32_t
2016-11-04 Matteo Cypriani[Positioner] Mobile: fix copy constructor segfault
2016-11-04 Matteo Cypriani[Positioner] Mobile: fix operator=() & operator==()
2016-11-04 Matteo Cypriani[Positioner] Add missing ResultList::operator!=()
2016-11-04 Matteo Cypriani[Positionner] tests: improve Mobile tests
2016-11-04 Matteo Cypriani[Positioner] Point3D: add missing <vector> include
2016-11-04 Matteo CyprianiCMake: rename test target to "tests"
2016-11-04 Matteo Cyprianigitignore: add /build/
2016-11-04 Matteo Cypriani[doc] Add rendered pictures (PNG)
2016-11-04 Matteo Cypriani[doc] Add figures/Makefile
2016-11-04 Matteo Cypriani[doc] Add positioner_class_diagram_simple.plant
2016-11-04 Matteo CyprianiA few old cosmetic changes
2016-11-04 Matteo Cypriani[logo] Add PNG versions
2016-11-04 Matteo CyprianiAdd README.md to accommodate Gogs
2016-11-04 Matteo CyprianiUpdate COPYRIGHT.t2t URL
2016-11-04 Matteo Cypriani[doc] Update URLs
2016-11-03 Matteo Cypriani[doc] Some rewording
2016-11-03 Matteo CyprianiCOPYRIGHT: update dates
2014-10-31 Matteo Cypriani[Aggregator] Improve UDP socket-related code
2014-10-31 Matteo Cypriani[lib] owl_close_fd(): handle negative fd
2014-10-31 Matteo Cypriani[doc] INSTALL: recommend building in a subdirectory
2014-10-31 Matteo Cypriani[doc] Quit using "CP" where not necessary
2014-10-31 Matteo Cypriani[doc] positionerd: add filter options
2014-10-31 Matteo CyprianiUpdate Doxygen files (Doxyfile) to 1.8.8
2014-07-25 Matteo Cypriani[doc] INSTALL: improve list of dependencies
2014-07-25 Matteo CyprianiCMake: precise "g++" in error message
2014-07-25 Matteo CyprianiCMake: make sure OWLPS_VERSION is defined
2014-07-25 Matteo Cypriani[doc] CMake: use current date if not using Git
2014-07-24 Matteo Cypriani[scripts] AggCheck: detect duplicated timestamps
2014-07-24 Matteo Cypriani[scripts] AggCheck: -n prints transmitters
2014-05-28 Matteo Cypriani[Positioner] New option filter.max-speed-cp
2014-05-28 Matteo Cypriani[Positioner] New option filter.cp-reset-distance
2014-05-28 Matteo Cypriani[Positioner] Add Stock::distance_from_closest_cp()
2014-05-28 Matteo Cypriani[Positioner] sqrtf() instead of sqrt() with float
2014-05-28 Matteo Cypriani[Positioner] Positioning::filter() (refactoring)
2014-05-28 Matteo Cypriani[Positioner] Use nullptr instead of NULL
2014-05-28 Matteo Cypriani[Positioner] Test pointers as booleans
2014-05-28 Matteo Cypriani[Positioner] Eliminate a couple of C-style casts
2014-05-28 Matteo Cypriani[Positioner] Add basic filtering
2014-05-13 Matteo Cypriani[Positioner] Add Mobile::last_request
2014-05-13 Matteo Cypriani[Positioner] Add ResultList::set_request()
2014-05-12 Matteo Cypriani[Positioner] Add Result::set_position()
2014-05-12 Matteo Cypriani[Positioner] Point3D: new interpolation function
2014-05-12 Matteo Cypriani[Positioner] Add ResultList::get_result_for_algo()
2014-05-12 Matteo Cypriani[Positioner] Add Mobile::last_results
2014-05-05 Matteo Cypriani[logo] README: explain how to get the right font
2014-05-05 Matteo Cypriani[Positioner] cfg: warn about CPs in mobiles.csv
2014-05-05 Matteo Cypriani[lib] captured_request's alignment in comment
2014-03-24 Matteo Cypriani[Client] Display sleeping time only in verbose
2014-03-24 Matteo Cypriani[Client] With -N, print nb of remaining trx
2014-03-20 Matteo Cypriani[Listener] Radiotap: handle Extended Present Flags
2014-02-25 Matteo Cypriani[Positioner] using instead of typedef
2014-02-18 Matteo CyprianiUpdate changelog for v1.3.5 v1.3.5
2014-02-18 Matteo Cypriani[Positioner] Fix two catches (catch by reference)
2014-02-18 Matteo Cypriani[Client] parse_command_line(): move arg_ulong
2014-02-18 Matteo Cypriani[Listener] Remove const from keep_mode_monitor()
2014-02-18 Matteo Cypriani[lib-result] Increment version number
2014-02-18 Matteo CyprianiDoc and comments: some typos & small additions
2013-10-04 Matteo CyprianiTODO.t2t: forget ether_ntoa() and Co.
2013-10-04 Matteo Cypriani[Listener] Limit the verbose level to a maximum
2013-10-04 Matteo Cypriani[Aggregator] Limit the verbose level to a maximum
2013-10-03 Matteo CyprianiUpdate TODO.t2t
2013-10-03 Matteo Cypriani[doc] aggregatord: add ASCIIĀ art sequence diagram
2013-10-03 Matteo Cypriani[doc] Additional figures
2013-10-03 Matteo Cypriani[doc] architecture: add process diagram
2013-10-02 Matteo Cypriani[Positioner] Rework Building::add_area()
2013-10-02 Matteo Cypriani[Positioner] posexcept: add element_already_exists
2013-10-02 Matteo Cypriani[Positioner] Make Building::areas const
2013-10-02 Matteo Cypriani[Positioner] Use auto for iterators
2013-10-02 Matteo Cypriani[Positioner] Don't pass primitive types const refs
2013-10-02 Matteo Cypriani[Positioner] Work on const function arguments
2013-10-02 Matteo CyprianiMark arguments as const as needed in C programs
2013-10-02 Matteo Cypriani[Listener] Add an assert, improve 2 comments
2013-10-01 Matteo Cypriani[doc] Add owlps-positionerd.t2t
2013-09-27 Matteo Cypriani[UDP-HTTP] Base 10 for numbers from command line
2013-09-27 Matteo Cypriani[Listener] Test numbers from the command line
2013-09-27 Matteo Cypriani[Aggregator] Test numbers from the command line
2013-09-27 Matteo Cypriani[Client] Test numbers from the command line
2013-09-27 Matteo Cypriani[lib-result] read_*_field(): quit printing errors
2013-09-25 Matteo Cypriani[lib-result] Check validity of the request type
2013-09-25 Matteo Cypriani[lib] Add macro OWL_IS_REQUEST_TYPE()
2013-09-25 Matteo Cypriani[lib-result] mobile_mac_addr as static buffer
2013-09-24 Matteo Cypriani[lib-result] Add read_float_field() and use it
2013-09-24 Matteo Cypriani[lib-result] Add read_long_field() and use it
2013-09-23 Matteo Cypriani[doc] CMake: install man pages
2013-09-23 Matteo Cypriani[scripts] Add CMakeLists.txt (install files)
2013-09-23 Matteo Cypriani[lib-result] Fix some comments
2013-09-23 Matteo CyprianiFinish supporting getaddrinfo()
2013-09-23 Matteo Cypriani[UDP-to-HTTP] Use getaddrinfo() to open TCP socket
2013-09-23 Matteo CyprianiQuit handling useless network client structures