2016-11-04 Matteo CyprianiAdd README.md master
2016-11-03 Matteo CyprianiAdd positionerd.sh
2014-07-28 Matteo Cypriani[canmet] s22_t02: add +coord files
2014-07-25 Matteo Cypriani[canmet] s22_t02: split into sub-files
2014-07-24 Matteo Cypriani[canmet] s22_t02: delete two forgotten 127 dBm
2014-06-27 Matteo CyprianiUpdate .gitignore
2014-06-27 Matteo Cypriani[canmet] Fix a couple of typos
2014-06-26 Matteo Cypriani[canmet] canmet70.svg: separate main/optional MPs
2014-06-26 Matteo Cypriani[canmet] canmet_deployment.svg: clean SVG defs
2013-10-29 Matteo Cypriani[canmet] canmet70.svg: add s22 layer
2013-10-17 Matteo Cypriani[canmet] Update canmet70.svg (layout)
2013-09-10 Matteo Cypriani[canmet] s14: specify MPs
2013-09-10 Matteo Cypriani[canmet] Complete README.org
2013-08-26 Matteo CyprianiAdd license terms
2013-07-25 Matteo Cypriani[numerica] Add photos
2013-07-25 Matteo Cypriani[numerica] README: presentation, area description
2013-07-25 Matteo Cypriani[canmet] Add canmet70.svg
2013-07-23 Matteo Cypriani[canmet] Add config Positioner
2013-07-23 Matteo Cypriani[canmet] Add photos
2013-07-22 Matteo Cypriani[canmet] Update README.org
2013-07-22 Matteo Cypriani[canmet] s21: split files + add coordinates
2013-07-18 Matteo Cypriani[canmet] s02: add coordinates
2013-07-17 Matteo Cypriani[canmet] s05_t01: add coordinates
2013-07-17 Matteo Cypriani[canmet] s31: add coordinates
2013-07-17 Matteo Cypriani[canmet] s22_t01: add coordinates
2013-07-17 Matteo Cypriani[canmet] s05_t02: add coordinates
2013-07-17 Matteo Cypriani[canmet] s07: add coordinates
2013-07-17 Matteo Cypriani[canmet] s03_t03: add coordinates
2013-07-17 Matteo Cypriani[canmet] s22: filter out buggy 127 dBm packets
2013-07-17 Matteo Cypriani[canmet] s14: add coordinates
2013-07-17 Matteo Cypriani[canmet] s01: add coordinates
2013-07-17 Matteo Cypriani[canmet] s22: split files t01/t02 and t01_*
2013-07-17 Matteo Cypriani[canmet] Add README.org (work in progress)
2013-07-17 Matteo Cypriani[canmet] Add config Listener & Aggregator
2013-07-17 Matteo Cypriani[canmet] Add canmet_deployment.svg
2013-07-17 Matteo Cypriani[canmet] Add report files for all the scenarios
2013-07-17 Matteo Cypriani[canmet] s31: rename files, split _2
2013-07-17 Matteo CyprianiAdd 2013-canmet
2013-07-17 Matteo Cypriani[numerica] Add aggregation CSV format version
2013-06-28 Matteo CyprianiRename v1.3.1/ -> 2012-numerica/
2012-10-17 Matteo Cyprianis50: fix report file
2012-10-17 Matteo Cyprianis06: add _hip_light_mp*
2012-10-17 Matteo Cyprianis01_t04: add _mp05
2012-10-17 Matteo Cyprianis01_t06: add consolidated file
2012-10-17 Matteo Cyprianis01_t06 +coord
2012-10-17 Matteo CyprianiAdd s01_t06 (Fon 5 dBi)
2012-10-16 Matteo Cyprianis06: add _light_mp01-mp06-08-mp10
2012-10-09 Matteo Cyprianis11: delete 500 ms
2012-10-09 Matteo Cyprianis01: translate eee report files
2012-10-09 Matteo CyprianiREADME: precisions (trx power, etc.)
2012-10-09 Matteo Cyprianis11: +coord
2012-10-05 Matteo Cyprianis01: add _mp03-05
2012-10-05 Matteo Cypriani[figures] Delete useless s12.jpg
2012-10-05 Matteo Cyprianis12: rename files
2012-10-04 Matteo Cyprianis03_t05: add files by angles
2012-10-03 Matteo Cyprianis10: minor report files' edit
2012-10-03 Matteo Cyprianis54_t08: +coord
2012-10-03 Matteo Cyprianis11: translate report file
2012-10-03 Matteo Cyprianis05: report files minor edit
2012-10-02 Matteo Cyprianis14: add _phase3_58
2012-10-01 Matteo CyprianiAdd s14
2012-09-27 Matteo Cyprianis01_t05 & s06_t01_hip: separate MP#1 and MP#5
2012-09-27 Matteo Cyprianis01_t05 & s06_t01_hip: add MP#1 and #5 files
2012-09-27 Matteo CyprianiREADME: precisions
2012-09-27 Matteo Cyprianis54: add t08
2012-09-27 Matteo Cyprianis54: fix MP#6
2012-09-26 Matteo CyprianiFinish renaming files (new naming convention)
2012-09-21 Matteo Cypriani[figures] room: s06: add MP#11
2012-09-21 Matteo Cypriani[figures] Add layer "Infos lite"
2012-09-21 Matteo Cyprianis06: add _hip_light file
2012-09-20 Matteo Cyprianis06-08: rename files
2012-09-20 Matteo Cyprianis18: rename files according to the test number
2012-09-20 Matteo Cyprianis17: rename files, move procedure to README
2012-09-20 Matteo Cyprianis13: translate txt
2012-09-20 Matteo Cyprianis13: delete old results
2012-09-20 Matteo Cyprianis16: rename files according to the test number
2012-09-19 Matteo Cyprianis54_t05: timing and +coord
2012-09-19 Matteo Cyprianis54: add timing in README, precisions
2012-09-19 Matteo Cypriani[figures] offices: fix path
2012-09-18 Matteo Cyprianis54_07: +coord
2012-09-18 Matteo Cyprianis54_t07: round timings
2012-09-18 Matteo Cyprianis54_t07: add timing
2012-09-17 Matteo Cyprianis51: add combined file
2012-09-17 Matteo Cyprianis51: add coord
2012-09-14 Matteo CyprianiREADME: precisions room & network
2012-09-14 Matteo Cypriani[figures] offices: updates axis
2012-09-14 Matteo CyprianiPrecision wrong autocalibration parameters
2012-09-13 Matteo Cyprianifigures: add room_panorama_180.jpg
2012-09-13 Matteo CyprianiAdd s53
2012-09-13 Matteo Cyprianifigures: add offices.svg
2012-09-13 Matteo CyprianiSome precisions
2012-09-13 Matteo CyprianiAdd s54
2012-09-13 Matteo CyprianiAdd s52
2012-09-13 Matteo CyprianiAdd s51
2012-09-13 Matteo CyprianiAdd s50
2012-09-13 Matteo CyprianiREADME: reorganise, add office space scenarios
2012-09-13 Matteo Cyprianifigures: rename scenarios -> room
2012-09-13 Matteo Cyprianiconfig: add offices/ subdirectory
2012-09-13 Matteo Cyprianiconfig: move files into room/ subdirectory
2012-09-06 Matteo CyprianiAdd s21 (mobile wall)