2012-05-26 Bogdan CordierSmall changes in README.rst experimental master
2012-05-26 Bogdan CordierNew version 0.4rc2
2012-05-26 Bogdan CordierCode cleaning
2012-05-25 Bogdan CordierCode Refactor
2012-05-25 Bogdan CordierCode cleaning
2012-05-17 Bogdan CordierSwitched parsing and fetching backend from BeautifulSou...
2012-05-11 Bogdan CordierAdd new dictionaries (Académie 9e, 8e, 4e)
2012-05-10 Bogdan CordierAdd description to README
2012-05-10 Bogdan CordierRemoving package
2012-05-10 Bogdan CordierFirst release and code cleaning
2012-05-10 Bogdan CordierAdd packaging files to project and some code cleanup
2012-05-10 Bogdan CordierInitial commit